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Amfora v1.6.0 is out! With early client cert support and bugfixes.

As always, you can support me through Ko-Fi or GitHub Sponsors to keep Amfora development going.

Enjoy the new release!

good article about gemini protocol


"We can handle one 10,000-person protest, but ten 1000-person protests throughout the city will overwhelm us."

-LAPD Chief Michel Moore

Decentralization was the key to the success of this summer's protests. Don't let anyone tell you our movements need centralized leadership.

Daughter of nature, Bergen, Norway, 2019

by M.u.M

# # #

I once asked a political scientist whether there was a litmus test for democracy, and they said yes: the power of elections to remove incumbents. If that’s gone, it’s not a democracy. It’s just not.

Giant Groundsels, prehistoric plants found on top of Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania.

We got a drug we call fedi


来自英国动画导演Steve Cutts的作品《幸福(Happiness)》(2017),讲述的是老鼠职员在大城市寻找快乐和幸福感的故事。

Queen Of Hearts by Daniel Blimes

oil on panel

we're out here because society is crumbling
Bread crumbs :blobcatblep:

Hi pals - Kevin Peterson Jr - the man who was murdered by Vancouver police last week - his aunt is in the hospital due to severe heart complications (yup, a broken heart is real). If you can spare .12, please donate to his GoFundMe

might as well post a screenshot of a Twitter post of a screenshot of a facebook post where I describe how I found out how sean connery died on mastodon!!!

@mako671178 @goyotocho64 😘Dear mako😘
🎎want for you to know🎎
🌟how much I appreciate🌟
✨our friendship✨
I’m so lucky for you in my🧧
life⭐️Your words🕊
of wisdom😤
your unconditional🙏
light up my days🦋
May Gob bless you🙏
always &keep you safe🌷
Goodnight 💤😴
Enjoy your day🥰

When someone says they’re leaving the country

Portland finally calls in the national guard when their pet protesters don't stop just because Trump lost.

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