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Been mulling over an idea for shared accounts where the server gives you a login that represents a combination of a group and identity. Then when you post things under that account it adds in your user data to the group post. So to the fediverse it appears like a normal post but the server keeps track of who's who. I think this could work since it doesn't need any feature updates to existing fediverse clients to work out of the box

From gemini://

i feel that the division of human behaviour and characteristics into 'feminine' and 'masculine' is /itself/ an integral part of patriarchal structuring. Even if patriarchy didn't create this division, it still leverages it to divide people against themselves. Instead of people being able to say "I'm going to be caring, and that doesn't make me any less masculine as a man", people are put in the position of having to accept or reject certain traits or behaviours within themselves on the basis of their own sense of gender and how they want to be read. This, in turn, can /discourage/ people from deviating from patriarchal norms around gender.

pissing on thatcher and reagan's graves going

it's only cyberpunk if it's actually _punk_
if it isn't a criticism of capitalism and the protags are all cishet white guys that's just sparkling neon scifi

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All trans issues are feminist issues

I think the phone apps for the fediverse should have a “share to image” option that exports posts in a nice formatted image with the full @name@domain clearly visible for posting other places (like evil instagram) which like it or not is where the majority of people I would like to talk to these days are #featurerequest @tootapp

Wow, mainstream social media is way more fucked up than I thought

Still a good quote:

"Amazon thinks my recent humidifier purchase was just a step towards a humidifier-collecting hobby"

my hot take on language is that usage is god and strict prescriptivism about grammar, syntax, and slang is cryptofascist bullshit that, frankly, often has a racially-charged subtext meant to marginalize minority dialects in favor of language more rhetorically-useful to those in power

nobody fucking cares if you say 'me and them' or 'they and I' because they mean the exact same goddamn thing. pedantry is the death of creativity

"Disabled folks in this country have been told for decades that 'the core of this job requires that you have to be in this particular office, these particular days' and that turned out to be a lie" – me to @csmonitor

The new feeds functionality in @jk 's #lagrange is fantastic. What a friendly, convenient, and attractive way to browse the #gemini space.
Screenshot of Lagrange on macOS showing the new feeds sidebar which has recognized the posts on my gemlog.

What is it like to have ADD?

Wife: “Ok, listen to me very carefully...”

Me: *thinking* “Man, this sounds serious, I need to be sure to absorb this information as it’ll be useful later.”

Wife: “ it?”

Me: “Yep.”

I’m progressive on social issues and broke as fuck on economic issues.

The extent to which society can be thoroughly transformed is determined by the extent of the transformation attained by women. Similarly, the level of woman’s freedom and equality determines the freedom and equality of all sections of society. . . . For a democratic nation, woman’s freedom is of great importance too, as liberated woman constitutes liberated society. Liberated society in turn constitutes democratic nation. Moreover, the need to reverse the role of man is of revolutionary importance

--Abdullah Öcalan

Amfora v1.6.0 is out! With early client cert support and bugfixes.

As always, you can support me through Ko-Fi or GitHub Sponsors to keep Amfora development going.

Enjoy the new release!

good article about gemini protocol


"We can handle one 10,000-person protest, but ten 1000-person protests throughout the city will overwhelm us."

-LAPD Chief Michel Moore

Decentralization was the key to the success of this summer's protests. Don't let anyone tell you our movements need centralized leadership.

I once asked a political scientist whether there was a litmus test for democracy, and they said yes: the power of elections to remove incumbents. If that’s gone, it’s not a democracy. It’s just not.

Giant Groundsels, prehistoric plants found on top of Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania.

We got a drug we call fedi

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